Jesse Selbert

Chief Operating Officer

Jesse Selbert is a seasoned business professional with over two decades of operations, sales, and marketing expertise. At Glacial Sands OMS, he fosters client relationships and resolves conflicts, ensuring the team effectively meets the needs of referring doctors. Jesse enjoys family time, outdoor activities, and fitness outside the office. He and Dr. Sonia Bennett, his spouse of nearly ten years, share a farm and two lively children and are thrilled about their new journey together at Glacial Sands OMS.


Clinical Lead

As the Clinical Lead at Glacial Sands OMS, Aubrey oversees clinical operations with a keen eye for detail and patient care. Her leadership ensures the clinical team operates smoothly, providing patients with exceptional care. Aubrey’s dedication to healthcare excellence makes her a cornerstone of our practice.


Treatment Coordinator & Front Office Manager

Julie, our Treatment Coordinator and Front Office Manager, is the welcoming face of Glacial Sands OMS. With her expertise in office management, patient coordination, finance, and insurance, Julie ensures that every patient feels well-informed, comfortable, and cared for from the moment they enter our office.


Oral Surgery Assistant

Beth, an Oral Surgery Assistant at Glacial Sands OMS, combines her clinical skills with a compassionate approach to assist in surgeries and patient care. Her dedication and hands-on support ensure that patients have a positive and reassuring experience.


Patient Relations Specialist

With her welcoming voice and exceptional organizational skills, Alex, our Patient Relations Specialist for patients at Glacial Sands OMS, expertly navigates patient inquiries, ensuring everyone is promptly scheduled for their consultations. Her dedication to patient care starts from the first call, making every interaction positive and reassuring. 


Assistant Office Administrator and Event Coordinator

As the Assistant Office Administrator and Event Coordinator, Maddie brings a fresh perspective and energetic approach to Glacial Sands OMS. A Valparaiso University alum, she’s passionate about health care and patient comfort. Outside work, Maddie’s enthusiasm extends to coaching volleyball and spending time with family.


Oral Surgery Assistant

Ashley, an Oral Surgery Assistant at Glacial Sands OMS, assists with surgeries and enhances patient care. Her commitment to patient comfort and clinical excellence makes her a valued surgical team member.


Clinical Operations Specialist

Kate is the Clinical Operations Specialist at Glacial Sands OMS, where she leverages her expertise to enhance clinical efficiencies and patient care protocols. Her role is critical in ensuring our clinical operations run seamlessly and effectively.


Dental Implant Coordinator and Referral Liaison

As the Dental Implant Coordinator and Referral Liaison, Cilestia is pivotal in managing implant procedures and fostering strong relationships with referring doctors. Her dedication ensures that every patient’s journey to a perfect smile is smooth and well-coordinated.


Oral Surgery Assistant

Leonora, an Oral Surgery Assistant at Glacial Sands OMS, gives our surgical team a gentle touch and expert assistance. Her support during procedures ensures that patients feel comfortable and receive the best care.


Insurance Coordinator

Sara plays a vital role at Glacial Sands OMS as our Insurance Coordinator, bridging the gap between patient care and the complexities of insurance processes. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of insurance policies, Sara ensures that patients receive the maximum benefits. Her expertise in navigating insurance claims and her dedication to clear communication help alleviate the financial concerns of our patients, making their health journey a smoother and more accessible experience. Sara’s commitment to patient advocacy and her ability to simplify the insurance process are indispensable to our team and patients.


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