What Exactly is PRF?

The use of blood concentrates has become increasingly popular in aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery, and even dentistry. Essentially, blood concentrates are made from your own blood, which means that they are entirely natural and familiar to the body. Key growth factors and white blood cells are distilled, then injected back into the body to expedite the healing process.

One of the most popular blood concentrates is known as plasma-rich fibrin, or PRF. PRF involves a simple blood draw, which is then spun in a centrifuge. This isolates white blood cells, stem cells, growth factors, as well as platelets and plasma. PRF can then be used to help the body recover following a cosmetic or oral surgical procedure.

How Is PRF Used?

There are a number of ways in which PRF can be used following oral surgery procedures. Some common examples include:

  • PRF can be used to plug the socket following the extraction of a tooth, accelerating healing, reducing pain, and decreasing the risk of developing a dry socket.
  • PRF can be combined with bone graft material to rev up bone regeneration.
  • PRF can be used to expedite soft tissue repair surrounding a surgical site.

In addition to its uses in oral surgery, PRF may also be used as an injectable treatment or topically to enhance the healing process following certain cosmetic and skin procedures. PRF not only expedites recovery, but it can help control side effects and symptoms, and even improve the quality of results.


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The Benefits of PRF Treatment

In addition to shortening recovery times, there are a number of other advantages to using PRF:

  • Because PRF is a natural substance that is derived from the human body, there is no risk of an adverse reaction.
  • The entire process, from the initial blood draw to the application of PRF, can be handled pretty quickly right here in our office.
  • Through the use of PRF, patients may be able to get back to their regular activities sooner rather than later.

Is PRF Painful?

PRF treatment is similar to the type of blood draw conducted during a routine physical examination. For patients who are already having surgery, we can perform the blood draw after you have been sedated. All told, PRF treatment should be comfortable and quick.

Better Recovery and Healing with PRF

Our practice is committed to advanced treatment methods that minimize recovery time and promote proper healing. To learn more about PRF treatment, contact Glacial Sands OMS in Chesterton, IN today.


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