What Is Stem Cell Banking?

Stem cells provide the body with built-in mechanisms for maintenance, healing, and repair. They play an important role and have shown enormous life-saving potential, as they can be used to provide personalized treatments for a wide range of chronic and autoimmune conditions, ranging from leukemia to heart disease to diabetes.

By banking their own stem cells, patients can provide natural treatment options for their family members, including heirs yet to be born. Essentially, stockpiling your stem cells provides an array of options to keep the people you love healthy, and even to extend their lifespans.

What Are the Advantages of Stem Cell Banking?

Banking stem cells is a safe and easy way to:

  • Protect the future health of your children, grandchildren, and other family members.
  • Add “biological insurance” to your family’s health portfolio.
  • Prepare your family for longer lifespans.

How Much Does Stem Cell Banking Cost?

There is both an initial enrollment fee plus yearly storage fees associated with stem cell banking. Pricing can vary based on a number of factors, including the number of years for which you prepay. The best way to learn about pricing is simply to schedule a consultation with us.

Is It Really Worth It?

Banking stem cells can be a valuable way to fortify your family against future health concerns. We would love to talk with you more about what stem cell banking involves, and further outline the potential benefits. Contact Glacial Sands OMS to discuss the possibilities for stem cell banking in Chesterton, IN.


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