Dr. Bennett and her team apply advanced technologies to improve patient safety and maximize clinical outcomes. 

3D Imaging

Dr. Bennett utilizes 3D imaging technology to gain a clear, immersive view of each patient’s facial skeleton. These 3D images are useful in diagnosing skeletal conditions and surgical planning. 

  • Assessment of the facial skeleton and TMJ. 3D imaging helps us capture a clearer, fuller image of facial structures, which can aid in the diagnosis of conditions of the facial complex and TMJ.
  • Virtual planning. 3D imaging allows us to perform virtual surgical planning with precision. 

Platelet Rich Fibrin (aka Platelet Rich Plasma/PRP)

At Glacial Sands, we use platelet-rich fibrin to augment a variety of procedures. PRF harnesses your body’s natural healing properties to facilitate a more robust recovery. 

PRF obtains platelets, growth factors, white blood cells, fibrin, and mesenchymal stem cells from the patient’s blood. PRF has a slower release of growth factors than PRP. Cosmetic rejuvenation, joint pain, and bone regeneration are only a few of the applications of this all-natural treatment. Some benefits include:

  • Faster healing. By tapping into the body’s natural healing capabilities, PRF can shorten recovery times considerably.
  • Decreased postoperative pain. The use of PRF is proven to reduce physical discomfort following surgical interventions.
  • Lower risk of dry socket and postop infections. For tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal, PRF minimizes the likelihood of unwanted complications.
  • Enhanced regenerative potential. The use of PRF can also help improve outcomes during reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.

Immediate Implant Placement

Glacial Sands OMS is pleased to provide immediate implant placement for a majority of cases. Immediate implant placement is minimally invasive and may shorten a patient’s total treatment time by half. Ask Dr. Bennett if you are a candidate for immediate implant placement. Some benefits include:

  • Reduced treatment timeline by half. 
  • Fewer total number of office visits and faster recovery time. 
  • Excellent success rate. 
  • Smile in a Day. Ask Dr. Bennett if you are a candidate for full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants. Many of our patients can leave with a beautiful and confident new smile on the same day as implant placement.

You’re in Good Hands with Glacial Sands

At Glacial Sands OMS, our mission is to provide patients with an optimal experience and superior surgical outcomes, all while promoting comfort and safety. Our commitment to advanced technology, regenerative techniques, and minimally invasive procedures helps us accomplish this mission. We are pleased to tell you more about our use of technology. Simply schedule a consultation at your convenience in Chesterton, IN.


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