Your chin plays a critical role in determining your overall facial aesthetic. Dr. Bennett can help you achieve a chin that is proportionately sized and in harmony with your other facial features through a surgical procedure known as genioplasty. “Genio” means chin and “Plasty” means to change. Therefore, a genioplasty changes the shape and/or position of the chin.

This procedure involves a hidden incision inside the lower lip and a precision micro-cut of the chin bone. The chin is therefore freed and can be moved in three dimensions to advance, setback, lengthen, or improve symmetry. A genioplasty can often be used in place of a chin implant to augment the chin. Chin implants can also be used for simple augmentations. Chin implant placement is often easier, requires less recovery time and cost, heals faster, and is reversible. There are some conditions where only genioplasty can be performed, such as setting the chin back or lengthening the chin.

Chin lengthening is the most common indication for genioplasty in Dr. Bennett’s office. Most often, this is performed on patients with recessive and short chins. The genioplasty allows lengthening of the lower face, which is critical in many patients.

Our practice in Chesterton, IN can help you achieve a more beautiful and desirable chin.      

Why Choose an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon?

In considering any kind of operation involving the face, we highly recommend selecting a surgeon with special knowledge in this field.

As a maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Bennett has ample training and experience working with the complex and delicate anatomy of the face. She understands how to make subtle yet impactful improvements, providing results that are notable without looking unnatural. Dr. Bennett adheres to the highest standard of excellence and patient wellbeing.

Our Process

If you decide that you would like to pursue chin surgery, the first step is having a consultation. During this appointment, you will have an opportunity to talk with Dr. Bennett about your particular aesthetic goals. Additionally, you can ask any questions you may have about the process and the results.

We will also use Cone Beam CT technology, which allows us to carefully and precisely develop a full visual plan for Dr. Bennett. This ensures that the final results are aligned with the patient’s expectations, minimizing the risk of any unwanted surprises.

The Chin Surgery Procedure

Genioplasty is usually performed with the patient under IV or general anesthesia. The procedure reshapes the chin, often with the use of implants. The doctor will make a small incision, often just under the chin or inside the mouth, and then reposition bone and tissue or insert the implant.

It should also be noted that chin reduction surgery is possible for patients who fear their chin is too prominent. This process simply entails Dr. Bennett removing bone and tissue, then reshaping the chin for greater aesthetic effect.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

Following a genioplasty, patients can anticipate some soreness and discomfort. This pain will subside after a few days and can typically be managed with over-the-counter medications. Prescription pain medications are also available as needed. Swelling and bruising may also be part of the recovery process, but they can be mitigated with the use of ice packs.

Immediately following surgery, patients will be advised to stick with soft foods only. Most patients feel comfortable transitioning back to a normal diet after just a couple of days.

Excellence in Chin Surgery in Chesterton, IN

Even modest changes to the chin can have a seismic impact on a patient’s facial appearance, and on the self-confidence they feel each day. To schedule a genioplasty consultation in Chesterton, IN, contact our practice today.


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