The primary goal of dental care is to preserve the health of your natural teeth for as long as possible, ideally for your entire lifetime. Sometimes, there may arise situations in which a tooth is either so damaged or so diseased that it can no longer be salvaged. In these scenarios, the best option may be to remove the tooth completely.

With the right oral surgeon, the tooth extraction process can be virtually painless and quick. And thanks to bone grafting and dental implants, there are some great ways to restore the form and function of your smile.

When Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

There are a few reasons why tooth extraction may be necessary:

  • The tooth has become badly broken, whether due to a traumatic accident or a collision.
  • Periodontal disease or dental decay has left the tooth significantly degraded.
  • An abscess has formed around the tooth, resulting in significant pain.
  • The tooth is impacted, meaning it will not erupt all the way.

Our Advanced Technology

Glacial Sands OMS prioritizes patient safety with advanced technology in individualized treatment plans. Utilizing 3D imaging enhances diagnoses, while Platelet Rich Fibrin promotes faster healing. Explore our integrated, regenerative patient care. 

A Walkthrough of Our Process

The tooth extraction will typically begin with a consultation. Dr. Bennett will perform a physical examination, review medical images, and confirm that the tooth does indeed need to come out. She will answer any questions you have about the process and talk with patients about the options for tooth replacement.

Dr. Bennett will also discuss anesthesia options with you at this appointment. The specifics of the treatment can vary depending on the type of extraction needed, the level of impaction, and the number of teeth that need to come out.

For some patients, we may recommend having a bone graft and/or dental implant performed concurrently, which can minimize bone loss and make it easier to have dental restoration done in the future. This is an option Dr. Bennett will discuss with patients during the initial consultation.


Dr. Sonia Bennett

Dr. Sonia Bennett was amazing. She provided me with personalized care.

Recovery and Aftercare

While we generally recommend that patients take a day or two to rest following their tooth extraction, the downtime is usually fairly minor. Some soreness is to be expected but can be managed with either prescription or over-the-counter medications. There may also be some swelling over the first couple of days, which can be kept in check with the use of ice packs.

Patients will be discharged from our practice with a full list of aftercare instructions to promote expedient healing, including some guidelines for what patients should and should not eat while the extraction site heals.

Excellence in Tooth Extraction in Chesterton, IN

Having an unhealthy tooth extracted may be the first step toward total smile transformation. We are happy to provide tooth extractions to patients in the Chesterton, IN area, with an emphasis on comfort and safety. Schedule a tooth extraction consultation by contacting Glacial Sands OMFS.


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